Missionaries & Societies

We are privileged to pray for and regularly support the following individuals and organisations for the proclamation of the Gospel and extension of Christ’s kingdom.

Missionary Support

Greece: Pastor Leonidas Kollaros

Pastor Kollaros and his wife Irene are faithfully serving the reformed church in Ioannina, Greece. He is one of the few reformed ministers in Greece and has been involved in evangelising the students of the local university and the many individuals who are entrapped in false religion.

South Korea: Mr Jeongsik Choi

Jeongsik Choi and his young family have been pioneering a work to establish a faithful reformed Baptist work in South Korea. Before leaving the UK, they had been faithful members at Providence.


Trinitarian Bible Society >Link

The principal purpose of this society is to promote the glory of God and the salvation of men by circulating faithful translations of the Holy Scriptures, which are given by inspiration of God and are able to make men wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. This they do both at home and abroad in dependence on the Divine blessing.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship >Link

MERF is an evangelical Christian missionary organization which serves in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia on behalf of the reformed family of Churches and believers worldwide. Their work is bearing fruit for the Kingdom of Christ among the twenty-two nations of the Arab League and other Muslim areas in Africa and Asia. MERF strengthens national churches with ministries of evangelism, church extension, biblical training, and diaconal aid.

Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures >Link

The Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures exists to provide Jewish people worldwide with a free copy of the Holy Scriptures in bilingual format, i.e. in Hebrew and in the reader’s daily tongue.

Parsa Trust >Link

The aim of this society is to translate and publish Bible-based resources among Farsi (Persian) speakers of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, as well as those who are scattered throughout the world.